About Us

Founded informally in 1994 to assist the children working in a small locality, RAZA educational and social welfare Society has transformed itself from being a small school to an NGO serving more than 750 poor and needy students per year and providing vocational trainings to their parents and siblings to enable them to earn a respectable living. Making poor people self-sufficient to earn a respectable living is the primary goal of RAZA.

Objectives of RESWS:

  1. To eradicate child labour and school drop out
  2. To increase the number of literate women in the society
  3. To increase the number of women entrepreneurs in our society
  4. To provide good and high quality education at a low cost

Our Vision

Address the rights of women and children in the society and empower them to lead an independent and respectable life.

Our Mision

To provide education to the children and deliver high quality vocational training to needy adults so as to help them have a better standard of living.

About Founder Secretary:

Dr. Benazeer Baig, the Gentle Revolutionary of Bismillah Nagar, Bangalore, is the Founder Secretary of Raza Educational and Social Welfare Society. Her inspiring journey began in 1994. What moved her was the sight of young boys working in factories. Not only were these children deprived of any opportunities to study, the hazardous work environment inflicted terrible damage to their health. Benazeer took upon herself the challenges of eradicating this callous exploitation of children.